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Valerie likes making excuses just to see her lover, being secretive and all that for obvious reasons. This lucky bastard is an old prick who manages their school library. Each time Valerie drops by to pretend to borrow a book, walking around the narrow line of shelves, she’d make sure her dirty lover follows her around until he begs her to bend over for some hot and rough quickie. This often happens during a subject Valerie hates attending, gets her bored as hell, and manages to do something about it. Nobody has ever speculated anything when Valerie keeps excusing herself from class during these hours but an unexpected turn of events will now make her an instant celebrity to classmates who gets off watching teen chicks in uniform getting plowed by an older man. Someone caught them in the act and started filming! But this person swore he’d keep his mouth shut for the sake of his own fantasies. He enjoyed watching Valerie suck and fuck hard and when she got jizzed inside that hot pussy, this dude holding the camera got his boner drenched in his own cum inside those pants. He got so horny from watching these things unfold before his eyes that he only needed to rub his cock a bit until he burst. Valerie got her dose of an old man’s stiff dick and sticky spunk to boot. She goes back to the classroom flushed and satisfied.

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